The Price of Bad Punditry

Sky Sports commentators Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher obviously weren’t hired for their intellect or deductive reason skill sets.  After long, illustrious careers at United and Liverpool perennially spent in the shadow of better footballers like Scholes and Gerrard, both have settled into lofty perches atop studio chairs from which they’ve began to rain down footballing redundancies on an unsuspecting viewership.  Also apparent, Tweedle Red and Tweedle Scouse have physical doctorates in stating the obvious.

After months of enduring football commentary’s equivalent of low hanging fruit, comments regarding the sale of Madrid’s Gareth Bale and Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho finally broke my back.

Yesterday, Neville capitalized on the fact that no one was yet to park their car, run across an open field, and kick square in the jaw the dead horse that is Gareth Bale’s transfer gossip.  “There’s one player touted about possibly becoming available this summer, and that’s Bale” the dimwitted lesser- Neville said.  If he becomes available, if Chelsea win that battle…I think the other teams are in trouble for the next few years” adding “I really do” to confirm he is apparently serious about this belief.