Signal Providers

Signal providers recommend trades based on real-time algorithmic data, live-trading room analysis from around the globe, and copy trading signals.  Most signal providers send trading alerts via phone or email.  Using signal providers, you don’t have to research such things as stochastic processes, candlestick charts, and P/E ratios, but you do have to press the “trade” button.

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Auto Traders

Auto traders are special robots designed to TRADE FOR YOU using expert knowledge and trading signals.  These robots may trade by copying successful traders, or they may be programmed to act on live signals.  The auto traders may also be web-based or downloadable software.  Make sure you do your research to choose the best option for your needs.

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My Recommendation

SmartProfits is a signal provider software system that gives trade recommendations (signals) based on indices like NASDAQ, commodities like gold or oil, or common stocks like Apple or Tesla.  The trader can choose whether or not to accept these signals, but with an 80%+ win rate on trades using SmartProfits signals, customers know they can trust the software’s predictions to make profits.

How it works is:  Once customers register with SmartProfits and make a deposit with an affiliated broker, they get access to the SmartProfits software.  Clients then login to the software to see their easy-to-understand signals.  A green button indicates “call” and red button indicates “put” for a chosen asset.  When a trader clicks the green or red button, the trade is applied to his/her account.

For more information about SmartProfits, and a free sign-up, click on the graphic below.