What is binary options?

The term “Binary Options” comes from the “Binary System” in which there are only two elements.  Likewise, when you trade binary options, you only have two possible choices (call or put).  Choose “call” if you think the asset price will go up, and “put” if you think the asset price will go down.  With binary options, making a profit on the financial market is as simple as turning on a light-switch.

Is binary options legal?

Yes, and no.

Some binary options (also known as digital options, fixed return options, or exotic options) are registered with regulators such as CySEC, CFTC, or SEC.  These brokerages must comply with registration and regulatory requirements.  There are some binary options brokers who choose to comply with regulatory standards, but are not officially registered with any regulatory entities.  They may do this because they don’t want to exclude traders from countries with very strict securities laws. However, these brokers are easy to mix up with the brokers who are not registered or regulated because they operate with fraudulent intent.  These brokers rack up a lot of complaints, usually about delayed or withheld reimbursements, identity theft, and “rigged” software.  In order to protect yourself from these illegal companies, do your research.  Read my reviews, my recommended review sites on the top right of the homepage, and the websites of your country’s financial regulatory authorities.

Can I make money trading binary options?

Many traders make a lot of money with binary options.  However, binary options is considered a high-risk investment.  If you simply log in and click the green “up” arrow (call) or the red “down” arrow (put) without doing any research, you are essentially gambling.  If you do some financial market research as well as explore the education sections of your favorite brokers, then you will be able to make educated predictions. Moreover, you must employ risk-management strategies to protect yourself from investing more than you can afford to lose.  A few sites that promise to teach you winning strategies include “BonusBinaryOptions.net”, “binaryoptionsstrategy.edu”, and “binaryoptionsstrategy.net”.

What are the advantages of trading binary options?

  • Global trading: You don’t have to trade on the assets in your own country, or even with companies in your own country.
  • Beginners welcome: You don’t have to be an experienced investor to trade binary options.
  • Affordability: You can sign up with most brokers for free and then start trading after a deposit as low as $100.  Moreover, you can make investments as low as $5.
  • Profitability: The more you invest, and the more you research your investments, the higher the likelihood that you’ll win thousands of dollars at a time.
  • Ease-of-withdrawal: Most brokers allow you to send funds effortlessly to/from a major credit/debit card, bank wire, or alternative methods such as Skrill and WebMoney.

How do I make a trade?

Most platforms require these easy steps to make a trade:  1) Login 2) Click on the “Trade” button.  3)  Select an asset. 4) Select an expiration time. 5) Enter an investment an amount. 6) Choose “call” or “put”.  7) Finalize your trade with the click of a button.