About Ryan


Hi.  I’m Ryan.  About three years ago, I was a bit down on my luck, to say the least.  I had just lost my job and my young family was struggling.  Then I discovered binary options–AND I AM NOW A MILLIONAIRE.  

Just kidding. But, I have made quite a bit of money, and my family is comfortable.  Trading binary options is a legitimate way to make money.  However, so many videos and landing pages out there make false promises like “you can be a millionaire in 60 seconds”.  This is not true.  You can make money with binary options, but you must be methodical, and you must be realistic.  

In an effort to try to shut down these double-speakers, I started researching various binary options trading systems. I was just looking for possible scams at first, but then I decided to become a bit more positive and look for authentic binary options platforms that carry authority in the binary options market. I’ve only included stellar companies to review here, on a site I humbly named after myself, Ryan’s Binary Sentinel.  My reviews aren’t meant to offer trading advice, but to help you choose a broker.  Enjoy and good luck!